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  • Regynald Augustin

    Regynald Augustin

    Self Proclaimed King of Millennials

  • dj patil

    dj patil

    Making tech and data work for you

  • CalvaryFTL


    official calvary chapel fort lauderdale presence medium | connecting people to God, connecting people to each other, and connecting people to outreach |



    WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.

  • Google


    News and updates from Google

  • ProPublica


    Pursuing stories with moral force. Send us things: https://propub.li/3ewuUKH. Newsletter: http://propub.li/2Opjiys.

  • The Practical Developer

    The Practical Developer

    Great coding resources and commentary. Sometimes wise, sometimes ridiculous, always helping you become a better developer.

  • Startup.ML



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